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Welcome to the Wine PocketList VinFinder

Here's where you can search and sort to create your customized "Wine PocketList," and save it in your own online cellar. Create and save multiple lists, and access saved lists at any time. Print them out to accompany you to the bottle shop or grocery store as you hunt down that perfect wine.

Refine your search through whatever criteria you choose using the comprehensive "VinFinder Search." Or, members can “Quick Search" our database by winery to find a particular wine.

Here's how the Wine PocketList works:

To customize your search, choose as many or as few fields as you like (Price, Grades, Wine Types, etc.). The more stringent your parameters, the fewer wines you will get in your list. Please keep in mind that while the free trial shows only five wines in the search results, it will tell you how many wines are in our database that fit your parameters. Members get complete results.


Step 1: Grade and Pricing Options

Search By Country  
Composite Grades Price (select as many as you want)
A+ Splurge ($26 and above)
A and above Premium ($21 to $25)
A- and above Still a Good Deal ($16 to $20)
B+ and above Moderate ($11 to $15)
  Bargain ($10 or less)


Step 2: Choose Your Wines

Red Wines White Wines Rosé Wines Sparkling Wines Sweet/Fortified Wines
All Red All White All Rosé All Sparkling All Sweet
Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Sauvignon
Petite Sirah
Pinot Noir
Other Reds
Chenin Blanc
Pinot Blanc
Pinot Grigio/Pinot Gris
Sauvignon/Fumé Blanc
Other Whites

Other Sweet


Step 3: How do Want Your Results Sorted and Displayed?

Show me only wine reviews and ratings that are:
6 months or newer 12 months or newer 18 months or newer All reviews
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