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Wine Guide - Price guides for old wine, perfect for your wine selection. The Wine PocketList is a guide to top-rated wines, using our system to deliver solid, usable ratings. We've rated thousands of wines, with new wines added continually as they are released and judged.

Richmond Times-Dispatch
J. Emerson Tashijian-Brown, July 1996

One of the best quick guides to wine is the “Quarterly PocketList of Top Rated Wines.” This guide incorporated the top wines from nine national publications, including The Wine Advocate, The Wine Enthusiast and The Wine Spectator. The editor then creates his composite grade, A+, A, A-, or B+.

To be included in the Quarterly PocketList, a wine must have a minimum production of 1,000 cases, making chances of finding wine fairly good.

The bulk of the publication only considers wines that have an estimated price of $15 or less. Some local prices are higher or lower than those listed. A special section each issue covers “Splurge Wines” that cost $16-$30.


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"You, too, can play the game – and buy a decent bottle of wine without having to choose the pretty label….."
"The Wine PocketList [is] a truly superb guide for wine stocking and selection on a reasonable budget."
"There is nowhere near enough good wine to go around. It is a lesson that I have never seen spelled out in a beginner's guide."