A guide to top rated wines compiled from major wine periodicals.
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An Un-Biased Wine Guide for Finding and Buying Top-Rated Wines for $30 a Bottle or Less.

Since 1994, the Wine PocketList has been THE guide to top-rated wines under $30 a bottle. We've rated thousands of wines, all searchable online, with new wine reviews added continually as wines are released, reviewed and judged.


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Buy New Wines with Confidence

Based on our proven, critically acclaimed wine rating system, we've compiled only the best wines from the major wine periodicals, (including Wine Spectator, International Wine Cellar, Wine Advocate) eliminating the guesswork from buying wine.

Wine Reviews and Ratings You Can Use

Did you know that only a very small percentage of the "premium" wine produced is highly rated in wine reviews? This means that many of the wines you'll find on the shelf simply don't measure up. Whatever your passion for wine, (Australian Wine, California Wine, French Wine, Italian Wine or any other wine...) our wine reviews will help you understand which wines are really the best for you.

"I like this wine publication because anyone can find a good, expensive wine; the trick is to find good, inexpensive wines. The Wine PocketList helps do just that..."
"Because of the Wine PocketList, I started drinking better wines, and then started to appreciate better wines…my enjoyment of wine has really grown. The PocketList got me started. Thank you!"